Your Skin: Personal Skin Advice

Your Skin: Personal Skin Advice

Case Study: A personalized skin scare routine

Finding the perfect routine that fits your skin is hard: especially during a time where millions of products are available, millions of review videos can be found on YouTube – and when your skin is constantly changing due to hormones, different lifestyles or external factors such as the weather circumstances.

This is why, for this project, we decided to work on an app that offers skin care advice and personalized routines. Our final product would be a new mobile app designed to support and improve behavior around skin care, and a landing page to illustrate the benefits and features.

Using different research methodologies, such as interviews, surveys and affinity mapping, we came to our final problem statement:

Our skin care advice app should be designed to achieve save time and money while recommending personalized products with the right ingredients and needs.

We have observed that finding the right skin care routine is time consuming or really expensive, which is causing people to not apply the right treatment to their skin.

Afterwards, to find out the current struggles and behavior of our user, we created an empathy map. We found out that there are several main conclusions we can draw from our user research:

★ Our user prefers to buy cosmetic products online, because they rely on (online) reviews 

★ Our user prefers less steps for a treatment

★ Our users like to track their skin state and stay up to date

★ Our user are mainly guided in their product purchasing by a) prices and b) ingredients


Based on these main conclusions, we created our final persona:  Sofia! Sofia is a 26 year old woman that is going through something a lot of women in their twenties / thirties are struggling with: she recently got off the pill and now her skin is changing. She doesn’t feel that comfortable anymore, and she’s looking for a new trustworthy routine, that doesn’t cost that much and fits exactly what she needs. We also wrote out Sofia’s journey into looking for a skincare routine, as can be seen under this alinea.

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