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Hi, nice to meet you!

Mijn naam is Annemijn Pikaar (1994) en ik woon in Utrecht, Nederland. In mijn vrije tijd houd ik van muziek (maken en luisteren), mezelf uitputten in de crossfit box of dansen op een leuk feestje of festival. 

Ik ben van nature optimistisch, en in een groep neem ik vaak de rol van de motivator aan. Met positiviteit en vertrouwen in een team kom je al heel ver! Ik hou ervan om samen te werken met en te leren van andere mensen, en om samen iets tofs te maken.

Waarom doe ik wat ik doe?

Ik begon mijn carrière in SEO en contentmarketing, maar ik bleef de visuele creativiteit in mijn werk missen. Bovendien was ik altijd jaloers op de ontwerpers in mijn team toen ik als digital marketeer aan het werk was ;—) Daarom heb ik me in 2021 laten omscholen richting Visual Design, en nu combineer ik mijn skills. Best of both worlds!

Meer weten?

Of je nu een potentieel interessante functie of freelance job hebt, of gewoon wilt weten hoe je het beste pannenkoeken bakt (ik heb ook hier veel ervaring mee)  – je kunt contact met me opnemen via LinkedIn of e-mail. Tot snel!

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Annemijn and I’m based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. If you catch me in my free time, I’m probably playing piano and singing out loud, trying to break some personal records in the crossfit box or enjoying a festival or park picnic with friends. 

I’m an optimistic and happy person. In a group, I often find myself to be in the role of a motivator: being positive and trying to create a good team vibe. About that, teamwork is incredibly important to me. I love to collaborate with and learn from other people, and to create something awesome together.

Why I'm in UX/UI design

I started my career in SEO and content marketing, but I kept missing the visual creativity in my work. Besides, I wanted to dive in deeper into the earlier stage of the user and client’s customer journey: how to create the right product and the right visual aspects of a product in order for a user to reach his goals. Besides, I was always jealous of the designers in my team when I was working as a digital marketeer. 

What really appeals to me in UX/UI design, is that it’s not just about making digital products look pretty. It’s about the first step, the why. Why does the menu have to be organized like this? Why is this copy here? Why are these elements well arranged? By continuously asking why and talking to your users, you can create an effortless experience for the user. As a designer, I am passionate user behavior. I love researching and creating design that empowers and actually make a difference to those that use it. Through design I want users to feel cool, smart, successful or in control.

In the summer of 2021, I decided to finally make a career switch and involved in the Ironhack UX/UI design bootcamp program. During this 10-week bootcamp, I learned everything about product design, UX/UI guidelines, visual design, UX research and much more. And I loved it – I knew for a 100% that I made the right choice in switching careers. I iterated on my projects during the weekends, watched YouTube videos on product design during the evenings and drew wireframes while commuting. 

Want to know more?

Whether you have a potential interesting position or freelance job, or just want to know how I make my famous guacamole – you can reach out to me via LinkedIn or e-mail. Talk to you soon!

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